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第8回 私の日本留学と、日本での就職

Myat Myat Lin (ミャッミャッリン)千代田化工建設株式会社







I am Myat Myat Lin from Myanmar. I came to Japan in September, 2016 to study PhD program specializing in structural engineering in Yokohama National University (YNU). When I started living in Japan, the language that I could communicate was English only. YNU has around 1000 international students and post graduate courses are conducted in English. Therefore, I did not face any difficulties in University because I have English speaking community. I started learning Japanese language in my university to have comfortable and enjoyable life in Japan. My hobby is watching movies and listening to music. To know Japanese people lifestyles and culture, I watched Japanese movies and drama. It really helps me to improve my Japanese proficiency. Even though I did not face any difficulties in university, I faced some difficulties while shopping or travelling because I could not speak Japanese. Especially, when we open bank account or go to ward office, not only all documents are written in Japanese but also we have to communicate with the staff in Japanese.

I did job hunting last year. For the international students, it is really difficult to understand and be familiar with Japanese job hunting culture. In my country, most of the students find job after graduating. They focus on their studying and try to have enough skills before joining the company. The most difficulty I had in job hunting was finding the companies that really want to offer job to international students. I found some company expressing themselves that they are global companies, but their internal systems are still in Japanese and they expect us to have JLPT N1 level which is not easy for international students to pass. Conducting interviews in Japanese made me feel nervous. But, after taking 3 to 4 times of interviews, I started to feel confidence and was not afraid to take any more. I think this first step will be the toughest thing for international students during job hunting. So, experience is really important for us.

I wanted to work in global company by applying what I learnt in University. Having a working environment that is pleased to work with foreigners is very important. After doing job hunting about 3 months, I got job offer from Chiyoda Corporation where I really wanted to work. I believed that Chiyoda is a global company and I could apply both Japanese and English. I joined Chiyoda this year’s April. After joining the company, it is the same as I expected. I was assigned to Civil Engineering Department as I desired. In two months new employee training, we learnt about basic business manner since new employee need to have enough knowledge of business behavior, which is very important in Japanese companies. Chiyoda is one of the top leading plant engineering companies in the world and I have to learn a lot as plant engineering is the new field for me. Even after new employee training, we had on job training.

Japan has a unique job hunting culture and I got great experience during job hunting. Moreover, I would like to recommend people who wants to work in Japan to study Japanese. I believe that it would be helpful for not only in your daily life but also in your job.