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Student Voice




University/Institution Name



Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology.

Period of study abroad

April 2020 to March 2023

What did you do before studying in Japan?

I was a graduate school student seeking for master’s degree in engineering.

Why did you choose to study in Japan?

I have always liked Japan. And Japan has an exceptionally low crime rate. Studying abroad might be one of our first experiences venturing out on our own as a student. This means safety might be a top concern. In addition, Japan is the most suitable place to pursue education because of its high-quality education. That’s why, if I had to take a course abroad, I would definitely choose to study in Japan. My luck has led me to study in Japan when the opportunity arises.

How did you prepare for studying in Japan?

As soon as I decided to study in Japan, firstly I started to learn the Japanese Language. To survive in Japan, understanding their language is a must because it will make my living in Japan easier and better communication as well. I came to Japan in late March 2020 and then studied in Japanese language school for a year. After studying in a language school for about six months, I want to continue my Ph.D. study. And then I tried to search for and contacted Professors who are doing in research areas that are suitable for my interest. Then, after the Professors accepted me to study under their supervision, I prepared several documents and submitted the application process to the University. And I entered Okayama University in April 2021 as a Ph.D. student.

What are you studying/researching in Japan?

My research is about an Extension of Active Access-Point Configuration Algorithm with Heterogeneous Dual Interfaces in Wireless Local-Area Network.

What do you do in your personal time?

A student’s life is busy and managing study, part-time work, and personal life can be hard. There are three main parts of our daily life that consume most of our time: study, part-time work, and personal life. Studying and working both can take up an ample amount of time and very little remaining for personal stuff. This is one of the major issues a student faces. On the weekdays, I fully concentrate on my studies for a big impact on my productivity. In the holidays, I have a part-time job on Saturday, and I enjoy a full day of relaxation on Sunday. There is a gym’s saying, a cheat meal keeps their clients from quitting. Consequently, the same is true for me. I also need to recharge for the coming weekdays.

Please tell us about your challenges in Japan and how you overcame them.

I am not sure that is I am too optimistic or cannot complain how is the inconvenience of living in Japan. Thanks to the Professor and seniors, I didn’t feel particularly difficult not only living in Japan but also in the research. However, we cannot escape from the language barrier. And I become to be going well in my daily life by putting effort into studying the Japanese Language.

Any encouraging message and/or advice to those who wish to study in Japan?

If you wish to study in Japan, challenge yourself. Kind Japanese people are welcoming to you. You can feel how you deserve to enjoy by seizing the valuable adventures. Life as a student might not last for long, but it is worth studying in Japan as one of the most joyful and precious experiences that you can ever have.