Study in Japan Global Network Project in ASEAN


Student Voice

Luckie Cho



University/Institution Name

University of Miyazaki


Faculty of Engineering

Period of study abroad

Apr 2022 to Mar 2024

What did you do before studying in Japan?

I was working in the private company. After that I started joining University of Miyazaki as a research student.

Why did you choose to study in Japan?

I chose to study in Japan because of my positive experiences during my visit with the Sakura Science Program. During my visit, I had the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and participate in a university tour. I was impressed by the innovative and advanced technology available at the universities, as well as the strong research culture. Furthermore, the experience of living in Japan allowed me to develop an appreciation for the country's language, customs, and traditions. Overall, my visit with the Sakura Science Program instilled in me a desire to pursue higher education in Japan and further immerse myself in the country's rich culture and academic opportunities.

How did you prepare for studying in Japan?

I had a short-term visit to the University of Miyazaki. During that time, I was impressive by their university environment and research activities. Therefore, I planned to study at University of Miyazaki. Before applying to the university, I needed to clear my interested field of study and contact with my intended supervisor. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to establish contact with my current supervisor through an introduction made by a senior.
Following this, I was granted a brief interview with my supervisor. Subsequently, I prepared a research proposal and submitted it to my supervisor for review. I am pleased to report that my supervisor accepted my proposal. Following acceptance by my supervisor, I began preparing the necessary documents required for enrollment at the university. Additionally, I undertook an English language proficiency test, which was a requisite component of the enrollment process. These steps were crucial in ensuring that I met all necessary requirements for acceptance into my desired academic program. As part of the entrance examination process, I was required to deliver a presentation based on my research proposal. Following successful completion of the entrance examination, I was fortunate enough to be awarded the JASSO scholarship through the help and support of my supervisor. One of the most challenging aspects of my academic journey in Japan was the delay of my arrival by approximately one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are you studying/researching in Japan?

Currently, I am studying master course at the University of Miyazaki from April 2022 to March 2024. My specialized field of study in master course is computer vision and image processing. Computer vision is the field of study to help computer to see like human visual system by using video or image inputs whereas image processing is the field to process or transform the input images to desired output images.

What do you do in your personal time?

In my personal time, I enjoy participating in cultural exchange events and getting to know people from different backgrounds. These activities allow me to learn about different cultures, gain experience and build connections with international students. When I have some downtime, I like to cook traditional meals and share them with my friends.

Please tell us about your challenges in Japan and how you overcame them.

Living in Japan has not posed significant difficulties for me. However, I faced challenges with my research activities, particularly in the beginning stages of my master's program. The research tasks were new and challenging, and I found it difficult to know where to start. To overcome these difficulties, I developed a plan for my research activities and broke them down into smaller, manageable tasks. I consulted with my professors and sought guidance on how to approach the research. Through perseverance, professor’s mentorship and hard work, I was able to overcome these initial difficulties and make steady progress with my research activities.

Any encouraging message and/or advice to those who wish to study in Japan.

To those who wish to study in Japan, my advice would be to prioritize learning the Japanese language. This will not only make your daily life more convenient, but it will also help you to better understand the culture and connect with the people around you. Even if you do not become fluent, being able to communicate in basic Japanese will go a long way in making your experience in Japan more enjoyable.
Another piece of advice I would offer is to not give up easily when applying to universities in Japan. The process can be challenging with different requirements and deadlines but it is important to keep pushing forward and stay motivated.