Study in Japan Global Network Project in ASEAN


Student Voice




University/Institution Name

Asia University


Business Management

Period of study abroad

Apr 2019 to Mar 2023

What did you do before studying in Japan?

University Student

Why did you choose to study in Japan?

Because before I come to Japan I studied Japanese for four years. So I chose Japan.

How did you prepare for studying in Japan?

I got information from my university teachers and I asked them what I have to do to study in Japan.

What are you studying/researching in Japan?

I researched about department stores to survive in Japan.

What do you do in your personal time?

part-time jobs, 5 days a week

Please tell us about your challenges in Japan and how you overcame them.

For oversea student living alone in Japan is not easy. In japan tuition and living expenses are very expensive and I have no allowance from parents. So, my university life in Japan is very busy with part-time jobs and assignments. But I am very thankful to JASSO for choosing me as a scholarship student. It helped me very much.

Any encouraging message and/or advice to those who wish to study in Japan.

Please work hard on studying on Japanese.