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Student Voice




University/Institution Name

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology


Coastal Engineering and Environment Laboratory

Period of study abroad

Oct 2017 - Now

What did you do before studying in Japan?

Teaching Assistant

Why did you chose to study in Japan?

In 2016, I visited to Tokyo university of Marine Science and Technology in participating Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science). At time that I got a chance to know what kind of research can study in this university. I also noticed campus life in Japan is so interesting and the transportation system is also good. From the point of view education, I can study my advanced knowledge related to coastal engineering in Japan because Japan has advanced techniques than my country. From the point of view of my personal feeling, I like anime very much and I thought that if I can stay and study in Japan I can see anime characters. I also like ocean and waves, if I can stay in Japan I can see the waves and ocean very easily because in my country I cannot see the waves very easily. I also want to challenge Japanese as new language rather than my native language and English.
And I also want to see snow.

How did you prepare for studying in Japan?

After participating in Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (Sakura Exchange Program in Science) in November 2016, I received email from TUMSAT (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) about MEXT Scholarship program and I can try to apply. At that time, I decided to apply for scholarship. My current supervisor is a professor who I was already met during Sakura Exchange Program, and I also wanted to apply to his laboratory (Coastal Engineering and Environment Laboratory) because this laboratory is the one where I can study about advanced coastal engineering. I applied scholarship through Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology by submitting required documents such as my Research plan, Field of study and Summary of Master thesis.

How is your student life in Japan?

Until Covid-19 outbreak, my student life is very pleasant. I had too many good friends in my laboratory. My professors are also kind and always advised to my research. I can study Japanese in my university by taking Japanese class and also communicating with my Japanese friends. In holidays, I would like to go to see waves. For my research, I am study about numerical simulation of river flow model for Yangon River by using Delft 3D software.

Any message and/or advice to those who wish to study in Japan?

From my experience, having basic knowledge of Japanese language is important to stay in Japan.
And also having Japanese cultural knowledge will also be helpful in communicating with Japanese people. I want to suggest travel across the Japan if there will time. If you have scholarship, do not stingy and travel as much as you can because there are many beautiful places in Japan. Also keep in mind that Japan is surrounded by ocean and many earthquakes and Tsunami can happen during the time while staying in Japan. So, you need to know how to prepare emergency backpack and how to go to evacuation shelter during disasters happen. Most of Japanese people are so shy so do not hesitate to greet them at first and start conversation from your side.