Global Network Project to Promote Study in Japan(ASEAN Regional Office) 


Student Voice

Takae Rosdee



University/Institution Name

Chiba University


Graduate School of Humanities and Studies on Public Affairs

Period of study abroad


What did you do before studying in Japan?

University student

Why did you choose to study in Japan?

The reason that I decided to study in Japan because I like Japanese people, cultures, foods and especially I wanted to improve my Japanese ability mostly in communication skill.

How did you prepare for studying in Japan? Please tell us about how you found the information on institutions, supervisor, scholarship, and others.

I could come to study in Japan because I got a scholarship called ‘Research Student 2017’ from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT) and I chose Chiba University because there are teachers who are famous and familiar with conversation analysis, which is the topic that I am interested in.

How is your student life in Japan? Please tell us about your study, research, part-time job, and others.

Now, I am a second year student in the Master's program. I have been researching about ‘A Study on Aizuchi's Contrast in Thai and Japanese Conversations: Focusing on Types and Timing’. The reasons that I wanted to research about ‘Aizuchi’ are because there is still little research on Aizuchi in Thailand. If this study can clarify the actual situation of Aizuchi, it may be useful for the progress of research on communication in Thai. Also, in recent years, the number of Japanese learners of Thai has increased and the opportunities to learn about Aizuchi in Japanese are rare. If the similarities and differences between the two languages become clear, it may be very useful in learning Japanese and when using Japanese.

Any message and/or advice to those who wish to study in Japan?

Everything on this planet has nothing easy to get. Therefore, be patient and always be optimistic. If you feel tired, take a rest, and if your strength returns, do your best again and move forward.

My 1-day

7:00 Wake up
7:30 Take a shower
8:00 Dress up for going to university
8:15 Cook for breakfast
9:00 Go to university
9:30-18:00 Self-study (Due to the influence of the Covid-19, I am not being able to participate in face-to-face classes at the university. Therefore, I will read previous research and transcribe the recorded data in the laboratory.)
18:15 Back to dormitory
19:00 Work out (Body Exercise)
20:00 Take a shower
20:30-23:30 Relax time (Watching movie, Listening song etc.)
23:45 Go to bed